Folk in Adur & Folk at St. Paul’s

We at Folk in Adur band are not what you’d call a traditional folkie mob.  However, there’s absolutely no denying the huge influence Sussex has had on the folk tradition.
The obvious reference is to the Copper family, those stalwarts of the East Sussex scene who have been so influential to so many with their close harmony, trad style and their complete devotion to cataloguing and performing a wealth of folk music.
But did you know that we are rich in the heritage of Mummery, folk dance and Morris as well as having claim to such artists as Dolly and Shirley Collins?
Famous song collectors such as WP Merrick and Lucy Broadwood as well as Percy Grainger have sourced material here too.
That’s not to mention the less traditional wing of folkies such as The Levellers and John Martyn, who lived in Sussex during his very formative years and whilst recording his most famous albums.  His track Small Hours begins with sounds from his garden in his Sussex home at daybreak.
LL Lloyd, one of the major players in the second folk revival also heard this music for the first time in Sussex at the age of five and went on to be figurative in its development.
George Butterworth produced ‘Folk Songs of Sussex’ too.
And to be fair this is just the tip of a very large iceberg.  There’s currently a thriving scene in the local area, some modern, some traditional.
We at FIA mix up the trad with the modern; the Americana with the British; the Blues with our own compositions.

If you’d like to know more come and see us at St Pauls supporting the wonderful Tinderbox on July 7th and also on 29th July from 12-2pm at a lunchtime concert

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