An Interview With Drake Mague of My Pet Shark

My Pet Shark grew from the long term desire of guitarist Nathan Marshall to found a band around that name. Nathan was joined in the summer of 2014 by bassist Liam Toller and shortly after by drummer Joe Miles. In early 2015, three became four with the arrival of lyricist and lead singer Drake Mague.

Together the quartet creates a sound that is funky but hard edged, infectious but never humdrum, lyrical and meaningful. In terms of sound I would put them in the realms of Rage Against the Machine, Queens of the Stone Age or Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

Fast gaining a reputation for high energy live shows My Pet Shark are all set to play a showcase at ST PAULS WORTHING on March 9th under the banner “Soundhouse at St. Pauls”, along with three other local bands. With tickets at just £4 that’s a night not to be missed. You can support four great local bands for the unbelievable ticket price of just £1 a band.

Ahead of the gig I caught up with Lead Singer Drake to discuss the band’s early days, song writing and their influences.

When did the band form and how?

Nathan basically pestered us all until we agreed to join, he’s very demanding.

What are your influences?

Josh Homme, John Frusciante,  Bootsy Collins and Zach de la Rocha.

Favourite artist/band at the moment?

We all unanimously hate Gucci gang by Lil pump.

Best album ever?

Has to be Rage Against the Machine by Rage Against the Machine.

Who would you say the band sounded most like, if anyone?

People always say Red Hot Chilli Peppers but our new stuff is heading away from that sound a little.

What has been your best gig as a band so far and why?

For me it was headlining the all-stars tent at Beach Dreams festival last summer. We had an amazing crowd singing along with us, crowd surfing, breaking down the barriers at the front and stage invading. Epic!

Who are the band members and what are their roles in the band?

Nathan Marshall is lead guitar, Liam Toller plays bass, Joe Miles sits at the back hitting drums and I, Drake, am the singer .

Drenge or Royal Blood?

Definitely Drenge.

Pulled apart by Horses or Bring me the Horizon?

Bring me the horizon sound like an emo band so I’ll say the horsey one.

Rage Against the Machine or Red Hot Chilli Peppers


What’s your best song title and your cheesiest?

We once had a song called “cherry flavoured lemonade”, as for best song title, probably “I don’t eat drugs for the taste”.

What are you looking forward to most in 2018?

Saying goodbye to winter.

What is your song-writing process, i.e., do you work it up from scratch in rehearsal, work from a demo, lyrics first, rhythm first, riff first?

Nathan will come up with a riff and bring it to the studio and work out the parts with the other guys and I procrastinate over lyrics for several weeks.

Which song do you wish you had written?

White Christmas by Bing Crosby.

Five words to describe My Pet Shark?

My Pet Shark? Hell yeah!

Tickets are selling well for “Soundhouse at St Paul’s” a showcase for local bands in conjunction with Soundhouse Studios, which includes, Vektrill, Teal, Jacob Aaron and the Reign and of course My Pet Shark, but there are still a few tickets left. Why not check out My Pet Shark on YouTube or wherever you get your music. I would recommend “Tiny Hands” or “Topknots and Comedowns” and the afore mentioned “I Don’t Eat Drugs For The Taste”, as a great place to start.

Watch out for more great live music at St Paul’s Worthing and check out my blog Womu, a Worthing music blog at .

Watch out for more on Soundhouse.

Rob Kelly

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