An Interview With Ryan Marshall of Teal

TEAL like many bands over the years evolved from youthful attempts at forming a band at school. The band finally coalescing in the summer of 2015 around Ryan, Alex, Louis and Charlie, with a clear direction and a love of the indie music industry at the time, as well as older generations of music which would inspire them to reach their sound.

Together the quartet creates a guitar driven sound with the emphasis on melody and smart lyrics which not only reflect their influences but echo bands such as Foals and Bombay Bicycle Club but adding their own individual twist.

Building on their reputation for energetic live shows TEAL join three other local bands in a showcase at ST PAULS WORTHING on March 9th under the banner “Soundhouse at St. Pauls”. With tickets at just £4 that’s a night not to be missed. You can support four great local bands for the unbelievable ticket price of just £1 a band.

Ahead of the gig I caught up with lead singer/guitarist Ryan to discuss the band’s early days, song-writing processes and their early influences.

When did the band form and how?

We formed in summer 2015 whilst at school. Three of us had been playing together for a couple of years before that; however we didn’t form as TEAL until then.

What are your influences?

We have many influences from all kinds of different genres, bands such as The Smiths and The Cure are a couple of older influences, as well as many modern day artists such as Arctic Monkeys, the Neighbourhood, Tame Impala, Nothing but Thieves, there’s so many its impossible to narrow them down!

Favourite artist / band at the moment?

We all have different preferences and we all listen to so much it’s pretty much impossible to say!

Best album ever?

My personal choice, Meat is Murder, The Smiths.

Who would you say the band sounded most like, if anyone?

We’ve been compared to The Cure a lot of times, and that’s down to our chorus effects which we use I think. However our music is sometimes quite a bit heavier than most of their stuff, yet the chorus sound still pulls through somehow. 

What has been your best gig as a band so far and why?

Our best gig so far is probably supporting High Tyde at Concorde 2 Brighton, as it was amazing to have that opportunity to play to so many people.

Who are the band members and what are their roles in the band?

Ryan Marshall: Vocals/Guitar, Charlie Thomas: Lead Guitar, Louis Simon; Bass, Alex Glossop: Drums.

Drenge or Royal Blood?

Royal Blood!

Pulled apart by Horses or Bring Me The Horizon?


Kasabian or Muse?


What’s your best song title and your cheesiest?

We all have different views, my fav is probably SWM or Playback, as SWM is very upbeat and fun and great to play live, and Playback has quite a deep meaning behind it. Cheesiest, probably some of the older stuff we did, such as Into the Night, which everyone loves! But we tend to try not to play that anymore.

What are you looking forward to most in 2018?

We’re looking forward to writing many more new songs as well as playing various different shows, hopefully some further afield this year and hopefully a couple of festivals!

What is your song-writing process, i.e., work it up from scratch in rehearsal, work from a demo, lyrics first, rhythm first, riff first?

We used to have a structure where I would write up a rough demo and then everyone would come together and improvise until we had something we were happy with, but the whole of the new EP was written just by messing around in the studio and jamming!

Five words to describe Teal?

Fun, exciting, tuneful, happy, mates.

Tickets are selling well for “Soundhouse at St Paul’s” a showcase for local bands in conjunction with Soundhouse Studios, which includes,  Vektrill, Teal, Jacob Aaron and the Reign and My Pet Shark, but there are still a few tickets left. Why not check out TEAL on YouTube or wherever you get your music. I would recommend “SWM” or “Repeat” and “Playback”, as a great place to start.

Watch out for more great live music at St Paul’s Worthing and check out my blog Womu, a Worthing music blog at

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