An Interview With Scott Miller From Vektrill

Vektrill, a power trio from Worthing have started to make real inroads into the local and national music scene including storming gigs at “The Haunt” in Brighton and “The Borderline” in London. Conceived in early 2016, the band has been gigging extensively and already have a couple of videos under their belt.

Their brand of riff heavy, pounding space rock brings obvious comparisons with Muse, but there is much more here, with echoes of Mansun, Pearl Jam and post 2010 Gary Numan. Together this trio creates a guitar driven sound with the emphasis driving rhythm, texture and smart lyrics.

Vektrill join three other local bands in a showcase at ST PAULS WORTHING on March 9th under the banner “Soundhouse at St. Pauls”. With tickets at just £4 that’s a night not to be missed. You can support four great local bands for the unbelievable ticket price of just £1 a band.

Ahead of the gig I caught up with lead singer / guitarist Scott to discuss the band’s early days, song-writing processes and their early influences.

When did the band form and how?

Vektrill was conceived at the beginning of 2016. We had a project and some songs but not a very original name so when we approached a PR agent we were told to change it, so we literally created a word. Thus, Vektrill was born!

What are your influences?

Well we’re influenced by many genres of music, from past to present, soft to hard. We take some inspiration from the classical composers, meld it with some electronics, throw some 80’s in there and layer on some current sounds. So yea, influenced by a bit of everything I suppose.

Favourite artist/band at the moment?

My (Scott’s) favourite band is Muse, Jordan’s is Nothing but Thieves and Carl’s is Depeche Mode. Great mixture of sounds ha-ha.

Best album ever?

Oh god ha-ha well I think there would be some debate on this one. No idea, we all like something a bit different.

Who would you say the band sounded most like, if anyone?

We generally get compared to Muse but it has been suggested that we sound like a cross between Jeff Buckley and System of a Down if you can work that one out .

What has been your best gig as a band so far and why?

We played the Haunt in Brighton last month. That was off the hook! Pretty packed out, we got treated to a green room and a buffet. Also we literally brought the roof down in the form of a light fixture falling in the middle of the stage during our last song!

Who are the band members and what is their roles in the band?

I (Scott) do the guitars, vocals and synth.

Carlos gives it some proper bass action

And Jordan deals with all the percussion

Drenge or Royal Blood? 

Probably Royal Blood.

Pulled apart by Horses or Bring me the Horizon?

I’d imagine a unanimous vote on Bring me the horizon.

Black Sabbath or Van Halen?

Impossible to pick between these two absolute legends!

What’s your best song title and your cheesiest?

‘Jade Helm’ is our most literal as it’s based on the American governments coup with the same name. So it seems pretty on point to be the best ha-ha. Cheesiest is probably one of our newest tracks called ‘Chemical Difference’ and it’s based on funky sex and all that jazz.

What are you looking forward to most in 2018?

A slew of new single releases that were currently working on! Also a tour in the north of England!

What is your song-writing process, i.e., work it up from scratch in rehearsal, work from a demo, lyrics first, rhythm first, riff first?

You know, it’s different for every song. One song will be formed around a Riff, another from a cool chord progression. Depends what we have in the bag at the time. What can we cannibalise from one idea and put with another and so on. Generally the thing that comes last is the lyrics and title of the song.

Song you wish the band had written?

Personally, “Plug in Baby” by Muse. That Bach inspired riff is such an iconic piece.

Five words to describe Vektrill?

Ha-ha erm.. Come to see us live!!

Tickets are selling well for “Soundhouse at St Paul’s” a showcase for local bands in conjunction with Soundhouse Studios, which includes,  Vektrill, Teal, Jacob Aaron and the Reign and  My Pet Shark, but there are still a few tickets left. Why not check out Vektrill on YouTube or wherever you get your music. I would recommend “Jade Helm” or “The Edge of Never” and “Cyborg”, as a great place to start.

Watch out for more great live music at St Pauls Worthing and check out my blog Womu, a Worthing music blog at

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