An Interview With David Lovejoy of Jacob Aaron and the Reign

Jacob Aaron has for several years given us his unique take on contemporary RnB, with thoughtful, insightful lyrics and a song-writing talent that has seen his tracks appear regularly on BBC Introducing the South.  Looking to expand that sound Jacob has put together a band which sets itself outside any style or label, with the addition of “black-metal” guitarist David Lovejoy, rock drummer Jordan Birchall and funk bass player Isaiah Brown all melded into Jacob’s RnB mix.

Together, Jacob Aaron and the Reign create a sound that is funky but hard edged, infectious but never humdrum, lyrical and meaningful, soulful and driven.

Working hard to build a live following, Jacob Aaron and the Reign are all set to play a showcase at ST PAULS WORTHING on March 9th under the banner “Soundhouse at St. Pauls”,  along with three other local bands. With tickets at just £4 that’s a night not to be missed. You can support four great local bands for the unbelievable ticket price of just £1 a band.

Ahead of the gig I caught up with lead guitarist David Lovejoy to discuss the band’s eclectic mix of sounds and roots and to talk about what influences them and how the go about creating their music.

When did the band form and how?

The band formed last summer, when our vocalist was looking for some instrumentalists to create a project, and he found us!

What are your influences?

All four of us come from vastly different backgrounds, David and Jordan come from a metal background, Isaiah brings a funk influence to the project, and Jacob is very inspired by R&B.

Favourite artist/band at the moment?

We’re all digging Architects at the moment!

Who would you say the band sounded most like, if anyone?

That’s a difficult one; I don’t even think we do sound like anyone because there are not many actual bands doing our style of music.

Which songs would you direct listeners to if they wanted to get a feel for your band?

I can’t think of any particular songs but check out the artists, Bad Rabbits, Miguel and Sonder.

What has been your best gig as a band so far and why?

Definitely our BBC introducing show in Hastings, there was a massive audience who were highly appreciative of what we gave them!

Who are the band members?

David Lovejoy – Guitar
Isaiah Brown – Bass
Jacob Aaron – Vocals
Jordan Birchall – Drums

Drenge or Royal Blood?

Royal Blood

Pulled apart by Horses or Bring me the horizon?

Bring Me The Horizon

What’s your best song title and your cheesiest?

Best – Love Is a Liar
Cheesiest – We have no cheesy song titles 😉

What are you looking forward to most in 2018?

Getting our music out there and playing a ton of shows!

What is your song-writing process, i.e., work it up from scratch in rehearsal, work from a demo, lyrics first, rhythm first, riff first?

We’ll all just jam together and see if something happens. Sometimes one of us will come to rehearsal with an idea, but sometimes we just come up with something on the spot!

If you had to cover a song, from any era, which would it be?

Chaka Khan – Ain’t Nobody

Five words to describe the band?

Groovy, Atmospheric, Melodic, Sexy, Epic

Tickets are selling well for “Soundhouse at St Paul’s” a showcase for local bands in conjunction with Soundhouse Studios, which includes Vektrill, Teal, My Pet Shark and of course, Jacob Aaron and the Reign, but there are still a few tickets left.

Watch out for more great live music at St Pauls Worthing and check out my blog Womu, a Worthing music blog at

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