The Violin Will Take You – An Interview With Kamila Bydlowska and Varvara Tarasova

International Interview Concert at 4pm on Easter Sunday, 1 April

Kamila Bydlowska, violin (Poland) & Varvara Tarasova, piano (Russia)

Live performances staged In the Round, plus live interviews, including audience questions, with two role-model musicians from among the highest calibre around Europe. The cafe-bar is open, it’s intimate, it’s close-up.

November 2017 saw the first of a series of “Interview Concerts at St.Paul’s” where renowned international musicians gave a rapt audience the chance to listen to live classical music as it should be performed. Wonderful music played in the round by extremely talented musicians with verve, ease and precision. On that occasion we enjoyed the pairing of cellist Florian Arnicans and pianist Arta Arnicane, who then gave the audience the opportunity to ask questions. This almost sold out event was such a success we decided to do it again this year.

On April 1st, that’s Eater Sunday, you are invited to join us to enjoy the perfect pairing of violin and piano. If you have never heard this music live, you are in for an incredible experience. In a beautiful venue such as St.Paul’s the expressiveness, colour and mood of the violin will truly transport you to far off times and places.

We talked to Polish violinist Kamila Bydlowska and her playing partner from Russia, pianist Varvara Tarasova about what they are planning for the event. This is no ordinary violin-and-piano offering. It’s alive and bristling with music from different parts of the world.

Kamila, do please tell us what these chosen pieces mean to you personally.

As I have quite broad musical taste and play other genres outside classical, I am particularly happy to include some jazz and tango elements into our concert to widen the entertainment. We play Porgy & Bess in the arrangement by Igor Frolov. I will also play one of the Tango Etudes by Astor Piazzolla, for violin solo.

We’ve created an eclectic, diversified programme, from well-known composers like Schumann, to less familiar pieces but retaining the quality!

Karol Szymanovski is personally one of my favourite composers. As a compatriot of his, I feel quite close to his music, and of course you would expect that. But I am always thrilled whenever I can play it and know that some people are hearing it for the first time! Very often, the audience will come and tell me how much they enjoyed that experience.

Thanks, Kamila. We’ll be particularly looking forward to his ‘Nocturne and Tarantella’. I understand that the mad Tarantella started in his mind while drinking in a pub. It sounds exciting, a bit crazy, and will be fun for both the violinist and the pianist.

Now Varvara, we know you have recently recorded Schumann and Brahms for the Champs Hill label and this will be on sale at the interview Concert. You have some Schumann in this programme?

Yes, the Sonata No 1 has become one of my favourite pieces.  I learned it in three days for the Tajikhstan Music Festival eight years ago and two years later, I was performing it across Russia and Europe with my music partner of seven years, Maryana Osipova. Then again three years ago at the Enescu Violin Competition in Bucharest, Romania with another great violinist David Arduhanyan.

This will be the first time I have performed it with Kamila and I am very interested in her interpretation of this piece! I am sure I will open this music up from another unknown side.

And what about de Falla’s ‘Andalusian Serenade’? This is going to be your piano solo in the concert, isn’t it? As you’d expect from de Falla, it’s so evocative of romantic Spain . . .

Mmmm, I have certainly come to love this piece. I began learning it only last autumn for a concert in Madrid and I always look forward to sharing it with an audience.

Here’s what The Interview Concert will include

Although the order may change and watch out for an additional surprise or two: 

Manuel de Falla (born in Cadiz, Spain 1876, died in Argentina 1946) – ‘Andalusian Serenade’

Astor Piazzolla (Argentinian father of ‘new tango’, bandoneon virtuoso, 1921-92) – ‘Tango Etude’

Igor Frolov (Russian violinist, born 1937) – ‘Fantasy on Themes from Gershwin’s Porgy & Bess’

Robert Schumann (German pianist, romantic composer, 1810-56) – ‘Sonata No 1 in A minor’

Karol Szymanowski (pianist, Poland’s top 20thCentury composer 1882 -1937) – ’Nocturne & Tarantella’

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