An evening of Magical, Mystical World Music with Catrin Finch and Seckou Kieta

Over the years St Paul’s at Worthing has seen some amazing collaborations, with talented musicians from wildly differing genres coming together to create something magical and unique.

Have you ever wondered what incredible sounds could be created when the former “Harpist to the Prince of Wales” combines with the African sensibilities of a renowned Senegalese Kora player? Well look no further get yourself down to St Pauls Worthing on Thursday the 29th of November when the extremely talented Welsh harpist Catrin Finch and Senegalese Kora player Seckou Kieta present their uplifting, lyrical and undeniably accomplished take on world music.

Blending diverse influences and traditions that sway from Bach to Griot chants, from rhythmical pieces to simply beautiful melodic pieces such as “Clarach” to the bluesier “1667”, with instruments swooping and swirling around one another in perfect harmony.

Seckou Keita is a Senegalese born Kora player and drummer, if you, like I was, were unsure as to what a Kora exactly is, it is a 21 stringed lute bridge harp of the Malinke people of West Africa. Seckou played drums with the band Baka Beyond and has performed at Womad and Glastonbury. As a solo artist he has supported such luminaries as Salif Keita and Youssou N’Dour in 2013 he began his collaboration with Catrin Finch with their debut album Clychau Dibon an album of beautiful haunting music.

Catrin Finch hails from Llanon, Ceredigion and was official Harpist to the Prince of Wales; a post that had lay vacant since the time of Queen Victoria and was recently nominated for a classical Brits award. Full of the traditions of her native land, Catlin weaves Welsh traditional music with, ragtime, folk, blues and classical airs to create a unique blend that is enhanced by her virtuosity, feel and musical spirit.

Together these two masters of their instruments have created a sensory experience that can only really be appreciated live. Including tracks from their new album Soar which takes flight on the wings of the osprey. The magnificent bird of prey recently returned to Wales after centuries of absence, and makes its annual 3,000-mile migration from the coasts of West Africa to the estuaries of Wales, soaring like music and dreams over man-made borders, on its innate and epic journey of endurance.

I can promise you this accomplished duo will lift your spirits on a gloomy November evening and tickets are still available from usual sources and the box office.

Some live experiences should not be missed and this is one such event

Robert Kelly

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