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I have to confess to being old enough to remember when there was only one sort of Metal and it was “Heavy”. The new generation of bands have taken the genre and twisted, bent and adapted the form to embrace techno, rap, prog rock and so much more.

This Sunday St Paul’s Worthing brings metal to the masses with a festival that ranges from Melodic Hardcore through Progressive Metal, Metalcore, Electronic/Rapcore to Blackened doom/Gothic metal in a varied bill that is set to be the biggest event of its type in Worthing for years.

Worthing’s own hardcore/post-rock band Callista, are back following a temporary split in 2016. Returning with their own brand of power fuelled/angst driven melodic hardcode they headline St Paul’s “Infectious Sounds” presented metal fest on Sunday June 30th. I caught up with David Lovejoy to chat about splitting, reforming, song writing, favourite bands and influences.

Thanks for the time David, so big one first, why did Callista split and what brought you back together?

We split because we were all going in different directions with our lives, and the band had started to become a bit too difficult to maintain, but we brought the band back together because we all loved and missed it so much.

How would you describe the bands sounds, would you put yourselves in a genre?

If we had to keep it to one genre, I would say melodic hardcode. But there are influences of post-rock, post-metal, black metal and ambient music in there too.

What did you grow up listening to and what are your influences?

We are all long time fans of bands like Envy, The Elijah, Devil Sold His Soul and Rinoa.

Best thing about being in a band?

Playing music you love with good friends.

And the worst?

When we disagree on something!

Best and worst song ever heard?

Man, there are too many great songs and too many terrible songs to answer that one!

Best Live band ever seen?

Me and Scott would say The Elijah. Seeing them live made us start the band.

If you could share a bill with one act, which would it be?

For me personally, despite the genre difference, I have always dreamt of sharing the stage with Slipknot.

Do you thing being a Worthing band is a hindrance any more or have you been tempted by the whole, “well we are from Brighton” thing?

Not really, we state that we’re a Worthing band but if we’re playing far away we’ll of course say that we’re from near Brighton for people who might not know where Worthing is.

Do you have a preference for Classic rock i.e. Sabbath, Deep Purple or NWOBHM like Saxon, or the current crop of metal from what ever genre?

Definitely the more current stuff.

Your music can be very raw, is that a conscious thing, do you work on stripping back to the pure emotion?

Yeah, the emotion is the most important part of our music, and that can be reflected in a more raw style of production.

What can we expect from the Gig at St Pauls?

A very emotional, passionate performance.

What is the band working on release wise?

At the moment, we are currently working on releasing singles for a while!

If you could give one bit of advice to a young musician just starting up what would it be?

Don’t quit! The bands that are most successful are the ones that outlast the others and persevere through tough times.

Thanks for your time David have a great Gig on Sunday.

Infectious sounds and St Paul’s Worthing presents: Callista, Core of IO, Bleed Again, Seething Akira, The Hero Dies first and Sonnet of the Damned on Sunday June 30th, doors open at 5pm tickets just £4, that’s less than 70p a band, great value, great music, great venue. Tickets available here

Big thanks to Mike Baker for arranging the interview and for doing an amazing Job at St Paul’s

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