An Interview With Sonnet of the Damned

SONNET OF THE DAMNED – Crawley based Blackened Doom/Gothic Metal/Trianglecore

Ahead of their set at the “Infectious sounds presents” gig at St Pauls Worthing on Sunday June 30th I caught up with Robert Parker to chat about Sonnet of the Damned’s sound, influences and inspiration. Full of fire rage and Fury, Sonnet of the Damned mix Doom, Nu-Metal, death metal and hardcore into a mashup that you can feel in your bones as well as hear.

We began by discussing the bands stance and genre

Tell me about Sonnet if the Damned. What’s your Manifesto?

As Sonnet of the damned we have tried to take inspiration from many forms of metal music and gel them into one to create a sound that’s unique to us, each member brings different styles and ideas to the table and we are quite proud of what we have done with more plans to improve and become bigger.

How would you describe your sound? Do you fall into a genre?

From the beginning we knew that we didn’t really want to fall into a particular category as we were concerned that it may limit what we could write, but we quickly learned that wasn’t the case, we’ve taken a more Nu-Metal approach with plans to fall into a hardcore-progmetal mashup in the future, but you can still hear the inspiration in each song ranging from groove, hardcore, death metal, doom and metalcore.

How did the band form?

The band formed from previous bands that we felt weren’t really allowing us to explore a vast range of ideas and styles, similar to why we don’t really want to conform to a single genre because then we would feel limited to what to play. In a sense this band is one where we want to keep you on your toes, will we play fast or will we play slow? Will we be melodic or not?

Best gig you have played so far?

The best gig we have played we feel was the most recent Bar42 gig for Carcer City’s final gig/tour, it was the tightest we had played that night and the crowd made it enjoyable, we also hope that this one everyone will jump around for every band that plays and watches every set and becomes inspired

Do you have a dream gig or venue?

I wouldn’t say that I could narrow down the decision to a single gig or venue, because every opportunity is always the next step in the journey, so I wouldn’t say we currently have a dream gig or venue just yet as we enjoy everything that comes our way at this present moment in time.

Best and worst song you have ever heard and the last track you downloaded or bought?

I don’t really have a best or worst song myself, so I’ll answer with the album I’ve been listening to the most recently and that would have to be ‘slaughter to prevail-misery sermon the last album I bought was actually the most recent parkway drive album Reverence. But download wise, I signed up to Spotify premium to listen to everyone I could.

What’s the plan for St Paul’s; do you know what your set list is yet?

You’ll have to wait and see, but I’m hoping SOTD and I will be able to let animal off the chain as I believe this will be the biggest crowd in attendance and biggest stage we’ve had in this band.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

I don’t really have any guilty pleasures as I do enjoy whatever is on at the time, but to answer in the form of this question I’d say Billie Ellish.

Have a great Gig and thanks for your time.

Infectious sounds and St Paul’s Worthing presents: Callista, Core of IO, Bleed Again, Seething Akira, The Hero Dies first and Sonnet of the Damned on Sunday June 30th, doors open at 5pm tickets just £4, that’s less than 70p a band, great value, great music, great venue. Tickets available here

Big thanks to Mike Baker for arranging the interview and for doing an amazing Job at St Paul’s

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