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An interview with James Heather

In our multi-media world, we are often quick to categorise, label and judge, however the music of James Heather does not sit easily in any category and music lovers of all types are responding to his lyrical, expressive, emotive solo piano pieces with roots in classical, ambient and contemporary music.

An Interview With David Lovejoy of Jacob Aaron and the Reign

Jacob Aaron has for several years given us his unique take on contemporary RnB, with thoughtful, insightful lyrics and a song-writing talent that has seen his tracks appear regularly on BBC Introducing the South.  Looking to expand that sound Jacob has put together a band which sets itself outside any style or label, with the addition of “black-metal” guitarist David Lovejoy, rock drummer Jordan Birchall and funk bass player Isaiah Brown all melded into Jacob’s RnB mix.

An Interview With Scott Miller From Vektrill

Vektrill, a power trio from Worthing have started to make real inroads into the local and national music scene including storming gigs at “The Haunt” in Brighton and “The Borderline” in London. Conceived in early 2016, the band has been gigging extensively and already have a couple of videos under their belt.

An Interview With Ryan Marshall of Teal

TEAL like many bands over the years evolved from youthful attempts at forming a band at school. The band finally coalescing in the summer of 2015 around Ryan, Alex, Louis and Charlie, with a clear direction and a love of the indie music industry at the time, as well as older generations of music which would inspire them to reach their sound.

Portrait Artist of the Year – An Interview With David Freud and Heather Williamson-Morton

I think I would call myself an art lover, but I must confess that I could no more create a painting or portrait than I could swim the English Channel. That’s why I find the whole process so fascinating and mysterious. If like me, you are keen to see how talented artists create a portrait from a blank canvas to a finished work of art, then get yourself along to St. Paul’s Worthing on Friday March 23rd.

Hugh Cornwell – Interview

HUGH PLAYS ST. PAUL’S WORTHING tonight, Thursday 19 October In the two years since he last played St Paul’s Worthing, Hugh Cornwell has completed a soon to be released album, toured extensively, collaborated with John Cooper Clarke on both a tour and an album, curated his website Mr Demille FM and started on a whole […]

Norman Jay – Interview

Norman Jay MBE in conversation with Rob Kelly Its not often the term Superstar DJ can be used and genuinely be descriptive, Norman Jay MBE has been bringing the good times for more than 50 years, playing his first ever set aged 8. Rob Kelly spoke to him prior to his return to St Paul’s […]