DisConcert @ St. Paul’s – experimental music, sound art and contemporary composition.

Ingrid Plum

Sound Artist/vocalist back from recently studying with the legendary Meredith Monk, Ingrid’s approach is lush, earthy and beautiful sitting somewhere between ethereal folk and musique concrete.

‘Gorgeously atmospheric vocal techniques woven around field recordings & electronics’ – The Guardian



+ Jobina Tinnemans



+ Duncan Harrison



+ Blood Stereo



+ The Jem


McCloud Holiday Film


Like many people McCloud likes to go on holiday with a small digital camera and shoot short videos of beach scenes, trips on jetboats and the like, and then when he comes home nothing is finer than sharing these memories with friends.


McCloud however likes to play them back through effects and large Public Address systems. The results are simultaneously abrasive and relaxing, contrasting the static wonders of nature and the cheap thrill of noise. Oddly calming.


+ Wall of Karaoke installation


+ DisConcert DJs


Stalls of experimental/ out there records, CDs and cassettes will be available to purchase from Train of Thought, Chocolate Monk & more.

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