Martin Baker Photography

Tuesday February 5th – Thursday February 28th
St. Paul’s, Worthing

Hi, I’m Martin Baker and I welcome you to my first photographic exhibition.

Photography has always been a passion from the first time I picked up a Chinon CE4 film camera and started clicking away like mad when I was just 19 years old.

This started a personal passion for black and white photography and the thrill of seeing my photographs come to life from nowhere in the darkroom, my only word for this is… ”WOW”! (Oh! I do like colour too).

During this period, I was working as a graphic designer, so now I love dropping a pinch of design and a sprinkle of photography into the pot and seeing what develops (pardon the pun).

I studied at North Birmingham College and gained all my qualifications with flying colours. I studied Photography, Interior Design, Art, Maths and English.

Today, I am a professional photographer covering most subjects from formal / fun portraits to Pet photography, Babies to Children’s parties. I also cover special events, and much more.

I have found throughout my life I have never lost the excitement of creating beautiful and everlasting images whether its people, wildlife, landscapes or structures… whatever.

I have been married to my wife Sally for 24+ years.

We have lived in Worthing for 15 years and we both love the town so much, this is where we call home.

We both enjoy taking photographs wherever we are.

Now at 60 years of age I still have that great passion for all things photographic.

I truly hope you enjoy my collection of prints and it encourages you to go out and take some grrrrrreat photographs yourself.

Can I now invite you to visit my website at:

Kindest regards,

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