Synthesize Me

Friday April 27th
Starts: 19:30
St. Paul’s, Worthing
Free Entry

Synthesize Me is back! With four live acts and a Special Guest set from Worthing bassheads Samurai Records.

As ever, IT’S A FREE PARTY!!!! No door charge.

Will Dutta performs pieces from his album BLOOM, combining grand piano, electronics and visuals. Dutta has collaborated with Warp Records act Plaid, DJ Yoda, The Heritage Orchestra and others. He is a respected composer-producer-performer straddling multiple disciplines and his show, which has toured Britain, has to be seen. Will Dutta will be performing at 10.25 PM.

Johanna Bramli performs live granular soundscapes. She is a respected south coast electronic artist, a member of electro-pop duo Fröst and improv choir The Larsens. Synthesize Me has been trying to persuade her to play for over a year. This will be a treat. Johanna Bramli will be performing at 9.40 PM.

Mëi is a Worthing singer/producer whose music bridges the divide between Lana del Ray and post-trap electronic sounds, 21st century trip-hop with her own unique twist. Mëi performs at 9.00 PM.

Noiseferatu open proceedings with their notorious root vegetable-based ritualism, coming in at 666 seconds of magickal strangeness. Don’t miss ’em. They will appear from darkening mists at 8.18 PM…

AND, capping the night, hitting the stage at 11.10 PM, we have very Special Guests – Samurai Records. The Worthing label’s leading DJ-producers Tengu and Workers will be throwing down a set of drum & bass and UK bass and much else to end the evening on peak dancefloor energy.

DJs throughout the night : Caspar Gomez and The Reverend, dropping electronic sounds from across the decades.

Synthesize Me’s motto is “Bleep, Boings and Beautiful Noises: The Entire History of Electronic Music”. You’ll hear new stuff, old stuff, pop stuff, weird stuff, dancey stuff, silly stuff, in fact, stuff of every conceivable electronic kind.

It’s a lounge bar good time, in good company, with psychedelic lights and occasional outbreaks of dancing. We love electronic music but we also love a party!

Synthesize Me

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